Introducing Scott & Angel

Discover the journey of Scott and Angel, co-hosts of the popular Leading the Way Today Podcast, and how together they are making an impact to create Champions of Change through a Culture of Civility.


Scott Murray, Co-Founder


Scott Murray spent over three decades with NBC television as a multi EMMY Award-winning TV anchor/host and broadcast journalist. He’s been recognized as a Living Legend of Journalism by the Press Club of Dallas and is a recipient of the prestigious Silver Circle Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Although Scott has retired from nightly television news, he continues as host/producer of the EMMY Award-winning television program, Conversations with Scott Murray in addition to hosting two weekly radio programs, The Scott Murray Show and Leading the Way. Scott also remains active as a sought-after keynote speaker, leadership facilitator and published author of two books, Whatever It Takes and Bring Out the Best, while regularly serving as an emcee/host/moderator for hundreds of corporate conferences and charitable events annually. On the corporate front, Scott is Chairman/CEO of Murray Media, an EMMY Award-winning video/HD television production and A/V event media company he founded with his son/business partner, Doug.

Scott, a true leader and role model, stays very active in the north Texas community as a volunteer, serving on the board/advisory boards of countless children’s, civic, charitable and non-profit organizations.    He has been honored with many awards such as Man of the Year, Citizen of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Humanitarian of the Year, Director’s Award from the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice, George Washington Medal of Honor Freedom Award, Patrick Henry Silver Patriot Award, National Youth Leadership Council Gift of Leadership Award and his most cherished personal award, Father of the Year.  

Angel Carlton, Co-Founder


Angel Carlton has spent over two decades as a leadership development facilitator for several global organizations and Fortune 10 companies like AT&T.  Her mission is to passionately and professionally apply her expertise as a solid communicator while boldly developing innovative, agile and engaged leaders; to transform corporate cultures into inclusive, collaborative and transparent environments so that leaders and influential individuals are well-prepared for the next generation of talent and begin experiencing their vision of future success. 

Angel serves as the co-host of a weekly radio show and podcast entitled Leadership America - Leading the Way Today, where CEOs and highly influential leaders from prominent corporations and well known organizations share their leadership expertise and philosophies on life.  

Her passion for personal transformation is expressed in her two published books, Staying Afloat During Tides of Change and Dedicated to Destiny.  Angel's extensive background in leadership development facilitation and curriculum design, led her to start an organization, Power Up People Inc., providing professional training programs that inspire others to live their greatest version of themselves. Her passion to develop our next generation of leaders has led her to create several programs including a national youth leadership initiative.  As a highly-rated facilitator among her clients, many students claim Angel's leadership programs as relevant, innovative and meet today’s demanding market.  The training platforms of Leadership America boldly empower those in leadership roles to generate sustainable, positive change within their circle of influence. 

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Our purpose is simple…to teach leadership philosophies, learn best practices and share philanthropic passions. 

We seek to create a new culture of leadership within our companies, communities and constituencies.

We  have a responsibility, as evolved and accomplished humans, to honor and  cultivate the next generation of leadership 

within our circles of  influence.  

A calling resides within each of us to teach, to  learn and to grow. If you are driven to make a difference, have a desire  to exercise your potential, and yearn to take your leadership abilities to the  next level, then consider this your invitation to thrive with us today. 

Join us as we grow and cultivate a network of CHANGE Champions who aim to create a culture of civility 

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Our training programs, resources and tools offer a unique blend of core value reinforcement,  practical applications for change adaptation, contemporary leadership principles that help to maintain an agile and nimble mindset to stay ahead of the game in today's rapidly-evolving world.  Plus, insights from some of the world's most innovative leaders of today you won't hear anywhere else. 

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