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A weekly radio show & podcast that highlights influential leaders from the world of  business, sports, entertainment, healthcare & philanthropy, co-hosted by Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist, Scott Murray, and Leadership Coach,  Angel Carlton. This is the podcast that introduces you to the business and cultural leaders who are making a difference; an impressive line-up of thought-leaders, who share their journeys to success, their insights on leadership, as well as their advice for success in business and in life.  

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Interesting Insights!

Great guests, interesting insights    ~cocaboo                          


Great Guest Speakers!

There are some great guest speakers on this show. You don't often  get to hear from CEOs of major corporations each week, and hosts Scott  and Angel are great at having lively and honest discussion with each  one.   


~Guy :D!!!!!!!!!!                          

Great Hosts!

Insightful listen; Great hosts asking good questions.       

~ AvantiBob                          


Wonderful podcast with insightful information looking into different  aspects of human capital. Must listen if you are interested in the  business world.   
~iTunes Podcast Listener

It Moves!

Worth the hour each week. It keeps moving. Angel and Scott keep it  moving and invite the guests to share their best practices for today.   ~iTunes Podcast Subscriber

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