About our Leadership Development Programs

We believe the world can be a better place where kindness and compassion are a way of life. 

Our mission is to develop agile, respectful, and responsible leaders through innovative programs for today's rapidly-changing world so that we collectively create a more collaborative culture and civil society.  

Whether you're just starting your journey or are a seasoned leader, these highly insightful and interactive programs aim to develop the structure of core values that are the foundation of legendary influencers while introducing cutting-edge applications for sustainable change.   
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Here is a partial list of our recommended and proven programs. 

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Creating a Culture of Champions... Living a Life of Civility

Through the power of storytelling and contemporary leadership principles, this entertaining and insightful program creates awareness for agile, respectful, and responsible leaders that is crucial in today's rapidly changing world so that we collectively create a more civil culture within our workplace, our community and in life. Our CHAMPIONS PROGRAM creates the groundwork for any level of leadership to courageously step into an influential position of power through compassion, commitment, character and conversation. A professional delivery from the folks who have experienced true champions and interviewed some of today’s greatest CEOs, Scott and Angel aim to develop the structure of core values that are the foundation of legendary influencers while introducing cutting-edge applications for sustainable change.   This is a highly unique presentation as Scott and Angel share the insights and advice from some of the world's most influential leaders of today as shared on their weekly radio program, Leading the Way Today.  

"Scott and Angel deliver a dynamic and relevant program that addresses the world's greatest challenge ...civility."  ~Chamber of Commerce  

To schedule Scott and Angel for your next keynote, conference, meeting or leadership training, email: Champions@LeadershipAmerica.net or call: 469-904-5049.  
This program is delivered as a keynote presentation or a 1-day workshop.

Pyramid of Power... Uncover the Core Values of Success

Whether in our professional or personal life, the 15 character traits that form the Pyramid of Power empowers us in our daily pursuit of peace, perfection and prosperity.  The Pyramid of Power is a dynamic, innovative and comprehensive leadership development program that focuses on the core values of success.  Combining behind-the-scenes, high-profile & sports leadership ideals, as Scott Murray shares in his published book Whatever It Takes, these value-centric principles are the foundation of championship quality and peak performance so that culture aligns with the mission that best serves the demands of the evolving workforce and positively impacts the customer experience.
Available as a keynote, a 1-day or 2-day workshop. 

Tides of Change...Developing Agile & Self-aware Leaders

A company is only as evolved as its people and to evolve is to become self-aware.  This is one of the evolutionary principles of transformation.  Studies show change is doubling every year and having a process to anticipate, adapt and act during times of change results in an agile workforce that is prepared for today's rapidly changing world.  This program introduces the 6 Stages of Transformation, from Angel Carlton's published book entitled Dedicated to Destiny, and is applicable professionally and personally to navigate life's unpredictable challenges.
Available as a keynote or 1-day workshop.

The Future of Work...Innovation, Entreprenurism & Growth

Designed to address today's ever-changing, ever-challenging world, this highly interactive and creative training program influences an advanced mindset around an innovative, entrepreneurial work environment where people take ownership of their job, accept challenges as a growth opportunity and are recognized for their bold achievements.   

Available as a keynote, a 1-day or 2 day workshop.

The "I" Factor

The importance of the “individual” and the character traits necessary to fulfilling personal growth and development by learning how to be yourself, respect yourself and believe in yourself.  It is only when the individual masters a keen self-awareness can they authentically lead others and create a transparent culture.
Available as a keynote or 1-day workshop.

Other Programs Include:

  • How to Get the Attention of the Media
  • Present like a Pro - A Course in Public Speaking
  • How to Resolve Conflict in a Conflicting World